Thursday, September 19, 2013

poems / jim leftwich. 2011

non-poems, correspondences, process poems, fluxus poems, fun poems, opaque poems, empty poems, slippery poems, skewed poems, torqued poems, playful poems, love songs, eulogies, labyrinths, autodidactic poems, procedural poems, arbitrary poems, looking as reading as writing, serial poems, aggregate poems, clump poems, spray poems, thelemic poems, psychogeographical poems, raphesemic poems, dada poems, frottage poems, improvisational poems, crushage poems, lexeographic poems, tape poems, light poems, mask poems, water poems, dance poems, fire poems, ritual poems, dirt poems, festival poems, breath poems, collaborative poems, gestural camera poems, a poetics of anarchist sorcery, tossed word salads, propaganda of the poem, cut-ups, mash-ups, fuck-ups, poems of alchemical consciousness, anti-poems, cannibal poems, temporary autonomous poems, incendiary poems, ad hoc poems, asemia, psychoactive poems, sigilic poems, alembic poems, divination poems, autophagic poems, chaos poems, chance poems, generative poems, random poems, poetic ecologies and arcologies, writing against itself, destabilized languages, noise poems, string writing, provisional poems, textimagepoems, imbricate poems, everted poems, corrugated poems, historical poems, derivative poems, ahistorical poems, capillary poems, founds, collages, ephemeral poems, asemic lint poems, assemblage poems, emprientes, visual poems, lineated texts, serial textures, mutagenic poems, erotic poems, ascetic poems, fractal poems, archaic poems, aleatory poems, recombinative poems, appropriated poems, decontextualized poems, repurposed poems, recontextualized poems, CAPs (computer aided poems), interrogating the surface of the text, transient poems, phase transitions, scores, discontinuous poems, potential poems, socialist poems, associational poems, decadent poems, therapeutic poems, concrete poems, trickster poems, constellations, meditations, intimations, provocations, fragmentary poems, plural poems, archeological poems, mnemonic poems, polysemous poems, shamanic poems, neoist poems, trashpo, pansemia, ethical excess

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