Saturday, January 15, 2011


22688 Days

= 544512 Hours
= 32670720 Minutes
= 1960243200 Seconds

Monday, January 3, 2011

penumbra possibilities / differx

bethesda gerontologists call for a walk from the internet mission: let's improve the treatment office, and sit on the floor hailing to the meaningful name of minnie:

then: no quote marks. be discomforted. see  nihilistic google spiders and heisenberg rays. they swallow up your mother earth. this doesn't affect me.

turkish mice anywhere, billie, pass on that bluish coin or cigarette. or the one with the color as a nile lily.

against the security protocol, prevent the delay - @ 2:16 education program for the miscellaneous unblinking party - with patience, please, towers:

open fire

Sunday, January 2, 2011

drawing 00/10 #7, Greg Evason

broad implications / differx

(hit?) or perhaps kant would note, and two bookshelf cabinets into surfers too: when measuring phenomena count. see how it's done in the vid. hours or days, it will be a home barcode. a new series, a strike is happening. networks have turned into dragonviewers. free games online of all kinds! special interest group engages university free games, free downloadable games currently across internet2 to discuss emerging voices